Saturday, January 31, 2015

Need R&R Photos

Hi BBYRA friends:

We are selling our 1985 O'Day 222 (through the Boat Works). It's been fun, but we are just traveling so much during the summer that we are not able to
use it as much as we would like. I have lots of photos of other BBYRA
boats, but not of my own. Does anybody have photos of R&R that I can use in a for-sale ad? Thanks!

Roger and Ronnie Brooks

Monday, September 22, 2014

Photos Needed for End-of-Season Contest

Tom LeVere continues to take terrific photos with his iPhone. Below is one of the White Bear Lake marina at sunset.

Other sailing photos are needed to compete against Tom's at our BBYRA End-of-Season banquet in November. So search your cameras, phones and files. Bring enlarged prints of your best White Bear Lake photos to Indian Hills Country Club on Saturday, November 8. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place winners, which will be voted on by those attending the event. Let's all turn out for what is always a fun event in celebration of the year's sailing on White Bear Lake. Anyone with an interest in sailing is invited to come. RSVP, please.

Pontoon & Motor Need Upgrades

BBYRA is looking to upgrade the pontoon boat and motor it currently uses to set-up and judge races. The BBYRA Board of Directors welcomes ideas and suggestions to upgrade this equipment. If any of our members or friends knows of an available pontoon and/or motor, please let us know at Also welcome are financial contributions for our capital replacement effort.

Both the pontoon and outboard motor are in the 20-30 year-old range. Both are showing signs of age. Ay least one boat pontoon has a slow leak. And it is increasingly hard to find parts for the motor.
We have changed the position of the remote gear shift box to make it easier for the judges to operate the boat. But the gear shift mechanics are still cumbersome, difficult and undependable. It is time to replace both the pontoon and motor.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

30th Anniversary Picnic

BBYRA held it's 30th Anniversary Picnic July 19th at West Park, White Bear Lake. By all accounts it was a fun event with good turnout on a beautiful day. Thanks to Commodore Gloria for bringing and sharing BBYRA historical photo albums. Thanks to Jan & Russ Anderson for stopping by.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Marine Moms Rock White Bear Lake

Thursday, July 10, with a full moon overlooking White Bear Lake, BBYRA sailors showed several mom's of Marine Corpsmen what sailboat racing is all about.

The event was organized by Cathy Heubsch. Her son, Jon, is in the Marine Corps. And she knows a lot of other "Marine moms." She brought those interested in getting onto a boat out to White Bear Lake. Cathy persuaded a number of BBYRA sailors to host Moms on their boats. All boats left the marina for a beautiful evening sail on the picturesque perfect, breezy lake. Before they went out, they took photos at the VFW. Thank you Cathy for a terrific event!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Klopp's 4th of July Beach Party

Special thanks to Larry and Jackie Klopp for once again hosting BBYRA's annual beach party the 4th of July. Because of their generosity, the club is able to hold this get together on Klopp's Beach every year.

BBYRA members bring an abundance and variety of food. The grills start smoking. It turns into a fun picnic. This year's version was held on a rather cool, windy day. That made it fun sitting on the deck overlooking the lake as the waves pounded the shore; natural grasses swayed in the wind. What a terrific view from the Klopp's deck. See the photos taken by Tom Le Vere below.